Completed Projects:

Divide and Conquer: I created the popular new Angmar units to this mod, as well as the elite Bree Gate Wardens.

The Gathering Darkness: This was the first mod I ever released, it included a script that allowed the Dark Lord of Mordor to gather his armies of monsters and evil men to fight for him directly.

Current Projects:

Age of Petty Kings: This mod is currently my primary focus, though it does overlap with the Total Roster Overhaul as well.  It takes place thousands of years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, a time when dozens of tiny kingdoms were squabbling over Westeros.

Westeros – Total Roster Overhaul: This is the aforementioned mod which adds the new regional units and overhauls the existing rosters. I expect this to be released soon.

Westeros Total War: I recently became a member of the main Westeros: Total War Team, and am helping them finish up the main release.

Robert’s Rebellion: I am helping to create new Targaryen units for this mod.

The Wrath of Angmar: This Lord of the Rings mod has been put on hold for some time due to team difficulties. Most of the work was instead included in Divide and Conquer.

Future/Planned Projects:

Rise of Brettonia: This will add Brettonia as a new faction for the hugely popular mod Call of Warhammer, greatly expanding the map in the process.


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